Night of Schedule

Night-of Schedule


6:00 PM      Registration Begins

                       Pre-Dinner Activities Open:

 Silent Auction


 Diamond Decadence

 Finish Line

 Slot machine




 Open bar

 Cocktail Hour with butlered hors d’ouvres


7:20 PM      Registration Ends

                    Call to Dinner


7:30 PM      Dinner Served

                    Pre-Dinner Activites Close

                          Opening Remarks: Daniel Zakrzewski, Greg Sbrocco, and                                       Jim Meyer 


8:15 PM      Live Auction Begins

                    Auctioneer: Kevin Wheeler

                       Emcees: Joseph Hartley and Christina Paras

9:00 PM      Silent Auction Closes


9:20 PM      Stop the Auction

                    Pass the Hat Auction


10:00 PM    Diamond Decadence & Silent Auction Winners                            Announced

                    Checkout and Item Pick-Up Begins

                    Closing Remarks: Daniel Zakrzewski


10:15 PM    After Party Begins

                    Bayfront Jackpot, Blackjack, Poker, and Joker re-open


11:00 PM    Evening Concludes